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PBT – Trade of the week 7/10/2020

PBT Nation,

What a great week it was for PBT Nation. We bagged 14.5Rs for the week. We started the week HOT and finished the week Hotter. One heck of a week with one day that will go down as a scratch due to internet issues on my end and still came up big. We are now up 21RS for the month already with 3 weeks to go. Congrats to each of you and keep up the good work.

Have a look at a couple of trades below and see how we simplify trading and only trade viable trading setup. NO need to rush into the trade and definitely not going to chase it. We have never chase a runner but we have definitely gotten back in a trade. As you know if I get stop out of the PRO GAP and Tier 1 Gap I always get back in it. Just because I get tagged or stop out doesn’t mean I am not going to get back. One thing that remains constant is the strategy. I don’t deviate from it. Hope everyone had a great week and ready for another exciting week. Earnings are right around the corner and that is where we take it next level.